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Check out some of our featured books from our library below!

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Books by US Authors


First Word

C.M. Brown

For seven thousand turns, the Ta’el have searched the ruins of the human world for the answer to one question: What fel events wiped the humans from the Earth?


Unzipped Twenty-One

Hallie Hart


She’s been in love, travelled, and has grown from a naïve girl to a stunning, successful, and complicated woman.


Audacious Goals, Remarkable Results

Brad Borkan and David  Hirzel

What do you do when someone tells you "it cant be done"?



Stephen Fofanoff


what if there was an easier, more direct route to achieve a sense of peace and calm in your life?


The Petticoat Pirate

C.R. Pugh

Against all odds, Josephine Teversin survived the attack at the masquerade ball and embraced her identity as an immortal pirate

Our Children's Books Picks


Through the Eyes of a Tree

Esme Finch


Teaching children of the benefits of trees and animals.


Hide n' Peek

Nick Hanna &

Harley Davey


Learn to count with Malcolm the monkey and Glen the gorilla.

Logan the Lobster

Gloria Barnett


Logan's a bit different from all the other lobsters.

Our Poetry Picks

Anna's poetry cover.png

Inner Me

Anna  Harwich


Screenshot 2023-03-20 14.44.49.png

Mermaid Lungs

Jasmine Higgins



Unwinding the Words

Larry Oakner


Into The Woods

Gary Milsom



A Tapestry of Poetry

Suffolk Writers Group

New Releases

Elflaine Chronicles.png

The Elflaine Chronicles

Hayley Hamilton

There is magic, still, in Scotland.


The Girl who Sings to Dragons

Luke Courtney


Breaking her uncle's curse.


Accept You Are Imperfect

Jade Grantham


The truth behind a battle with bulimia.

Control Tower Calling.png

Control Tower Calling

Nigel Morter


A tribute to RAF North Creake.

Little Pat cover.png

Little Pat

Darren Norton

An evacuee walking through parkland to school. A soldier working in a nearby forest.

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