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Is your manuscript as polished as your imagination?

Your imagination knows no bounds, crafting intricate worlds and vivid characters that captivate the mind. However, the journey from imagination to page can sometimes dim the brilliance of your ideas. This is where professional editing steps in. Imagine your manuscript as a gemstone, waiting to be carefully cut and polished to reveal its true radiance. Through expert editing, we'll ensure that every facet of your story shines, every plot twist resonates, and every sentence sparkles with clarity. Your manuscript deserves to mirror the brilliance of your imagination – let us help you achieve that polished perfection.


Why choose professional editing?

Because clarity, coherence, and impact matter. Our specialised editing services – copy editing, proofreading, and developmental editing – ensure your manuscript reaches its full potential. Typos vanish, plots tighten, and prose flows effortlessly.

Imagine your readers immersed in a flawless narrative, each page a joy to explore. That's the power of editing. With a Softwood editor, your story is in expert hands, ready to shine. Your words, our expertise – let's create literary excellence together.

Ready to start?


Contact us via our online form to receive a bespoke quote and to begin a conversation with our team.


Once you've discussed your requirements and a payment and work schedule, you can provide your manuscript and work can begin!


You will have direct contact with your editor at all times, with work usually completed using Word Track Changes.


Once the edit is complete, you will be ready to advance to the next stage of your book's production!

What type of editing do you need?

Navigating the path from raw manuscript to captivating masterpiece requires a blend of expertise and finesse. This is where the trio of editing prowess steps in – Developmental Editing, Copy Editing, and Proofreading. Each of these editing styles serves as a vital instrument in refining your manuscript to its utmost potential.

Developmental Editing

Developmental editing focuses on the big picture elements of your manuscript. This type of editing is all about refining the structure, plot, characters, and overall flow of your story. A developmental editor will provide feedback on pacing, character arcs, plot coherence, and thematic consistency. They help ensure that your manuscript's foundation is strong and that your narrative engages readers from start to finish. This type of editing can greatly enhance your manuscript by bringing clarity to your storytelling, identifying areas for expansion or contraction, and making sure your plot unfolds seamlessly.

Copy Editing

Copy editing hones in on the finer details of your manuscript. It involves correcting grammar, spelling, and punctuation and ensuring consistent style and tone throughout. A copy editor meticulously examines sentence structure, word choice, and overall language use. Their goal is to polish your writing to a professional standard, ensuring that every sentence is clear, concise, and error-free. Copy editing elevates your manuscript by eliminating distractions caused by typos and grammatical mistakes, allowing readers to fully immerse themselves in your story.




Proofreading is the final step in the editing process, focusing on catching any remaining errors before publication. A proofreader meticulously reviews the manuscript for typographical errors, formatting inconsistencies, and minor grammar mistakes. They ensure that your manuscript adheres to industry standards and is ready for print or publication. Proofreading enhances your manuscript by giving it a polished, refined appearance that reflects your attention to detail and professionalism.

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Unlocking New Horizons:

The Power of Translating Your Book

In a world that is becoming increasingly interconnected, translating your book can open up a realm of untapped opportunities and readership. The advantages of having your book translated extend far beyond language barriers.

By making your literary work accessible to a global audience, you're not only sharing your story with diverse cultures but also expanding your reach and influence as an author. Translating your book allows you to bridge the gap between different languages and connect with readers who might resonate with your narrative on a personal level. Moreover, it can lead to enhanced credibility and recognition, as your work gains recognition on an international scale.

Embracing the path of translation is more than just converting words – it's a transformative journey that has the potential to enrich your creative expression and leave an indelible mark on the literary world.

Navigating the Translation Process: Four Essential Stages of Excellence


This is the core stage where the original content is translated from one language into another while preserving its meaning, tone, and intent.

Skilled translators ensure accurate conveyance of ideas and cultural nuances.


In this phase, the translated content undergoes a thorough review for clarity, coherence, and consistency.

Editors refine the text to ensure it reads naturally in the target language while maintaining fidelity to the original message.


Typesetting involves formatting the translated text into a visually appealing layout, ensuring proper alignment, fonts, and spacing.

This stage prepares the content for its presentation in print or digital media.


The final step involves meticulous proofreading to catch any remaining errors or typos. Proofreaders verify that the translated content is polished, error-free, and ready for publication, contributing to a professional end product.

Ready to transform your book for a global audience?

Navigating editing fees and flexible payment plans

Editing fees are priced per word so contact us today to receive your bespoke editing quote. Payment terms are usually 50% due up front with 50% due upon completion, however, flexible payment plans are available for editing projects upon request. Contracts are always provided for our clients' clarity and protection.

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