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Somewhere down a Sussex country lane you'll find a quiet field where Spitfires once took flight to fight above the D-Day beaches, American bombers would come to rest after long missions, and where the drone of a V1 meant one thing... SCRAMBLE!


The Untold Story of
Sussex Spitfires 

Explore the captivating mysteries of RAF Deanland, an Advanced Landing Ground between Lewes and Hailsham in East Sussex that existed for a brief period during Second World War.


Uncover incredible stories of courage and heroism amidst the challenging circumstances of damp and uncomfortable tent living, and even the occasional Royal visitor.


Delve into this riveting narrative and experience a fascinating piece of forgotten history. 

Paperback, RRP £8.00 including postage and packing

At Deanland, several RAF Spitfire squadrons, including 64, 91, 234, 345, and 611, were stationed during the war. Additionally, the airfield was home to several Polish fighter squadrons, including 302, 308, and 317, as well as 322 Squadron from the Netherlands. The airfield served as a critical base for these squadrons, providing them with a strategic location to launch missions.

Other visitors, many of them crash-landing on the temporary airfield included a P.51 Mustang, B.24 Liberator from the 392nd Bomb Group, a notable number of B.17 Flying Fortresses, a P.47D Thunderbolt, a B.26B Marauder, and a number of Dakota aircraft. Despite the challenges of the wet and muddy conditions, the airfield became a vital location for emergency landings and repairs.

Please note: all images on this website are taken from originals, originally photographed at RAF Deanland.

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