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We've got your book's design covered, inside and out.

At Softwood, we specialize in crafting exceptional reading experiences through our comprehensive range of services tailored for both novels and picture books. Our team of skilled designers is dedicated to bringing your stories to life from cover to cover.


Whether you're an established author or a debut novelist, we understand that the presentation of your work is as essential as the words within. That's why we offer top-notch cover design and interior formatting services that not only capture the essence of your narrative but also enhance its readability. A correctly formatted manuscript is the cornerstone of a professional and engaging book.

Elevate your special edition book with bespoke fore-edge painting!

Since the 10th century, artwork has been used to decorate the edges of books and now YOU have the opportunity to ignite the imagination of your readers with Softwood's brand new service. Whether it's a beloved classic, a contemporary bestseller, or your very own title, our Fore-Edge Painting elevates each edition into a cherished treasure, destined to captivate hearts and minds for generations to come. Meticulously designed and hand-painted by our in-house artist, Holly, you now have the opportunity to create a beautiful special edition for your readers. Contact us today on to discuss your requirements.

Cover Design

Not sure which service you need? Let us explain your options

Is your book cover doing your story justice?

A compelling book cover is not just a visual treat; it's a gateway to your literary world. It's the first impression that entices readers to pick up your book, to explore the realms of your imagination. A well-crafted cover captures the essence of your story, evokes emotions, and communicates the genre and tone at a glance. It's a silent promise of the journey your words will take readers on. In a world where judgments are often swift, a good book cover stands as a beacon, guiding readers toward the treasures that lie within.

"A really professional and personal service. Everything discussed in detail before agreeing a contract with pricing and timelines. They also have a really first class formatting service. The package is tailored to your needs with very friendly and responsive communication all along the way. I can really recommend Softwood without reservation."

An example of a Softwood Books illustrated cover

Why is interior formatting important?

A well-formatted book is a mark of professionalism that not only respects your art but also respects the time and investment of your readers. Clear typography, appropriate spacing, and consistent styling ensure that the focus remains on the story itself, rather than on distractions or inconsistencies.

Depending on how you are printing and distributing your book, there will be lots of options for book sizes. We're also very experienced with creating landscape picture books and eBooks. Contact us today to discuss your ideas!

Staying in control of your design timeline



Even before your edit is finished, we can begin to bring your book life with original illustration and cover design. 

A completed cover design will assist your pre-launch marketing.


As soon as you have finalised the edit of your manuscript, interior formatting can begin. This will require a decision on book size and whether you require an eBook.


Review the design options and provide feedback. We'll work closely with you to make any necessary adjustments, ensuring the final cover aligns with your vision.


Once the design is perfected, we'll finalise the cover and interior, ensuring it meets industry standards and specifications for printing and digital distribution.

Need illustration for your book? Talk to our designer today!

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