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New Voices

Proudly supporting independent authors since 2017

Check out some of our featured books from our library below!

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 Our Top 5 New Voices in Fiction

Leaping Beauty by Rebecca Fox

Leaping Beauty Rebecca Fox


The princess who jumped out a window.


Surviving The Waves 

Richard Maddams


A convict's journey inspired by a true tale.

Sentinals Justice by Helen Garraway

Sentinals Justice

Helen Garraway

The third book in the saga of  Remargaren.


Wild Atlantic Way   

Mary Heeran White


Gripping human tales on the Irish coast.


Advent of Wolves

Angie Seymour


Treading through England's history.

 Our Top 5 New Voices in Non-Fiction

japan's music.jpg

Japan's Music

Paul Charlton


Poetry inspired by  a journey (in English and Japanese)

Tuning Up by David Meikle

Tuning Up 

David Meikle


Improving performances and reducing stress in advertising.

The Vegan Lifestyle Journal by Sadie Jade

The Vegan  Lifestyle  Journal

Sadie Jade

Feel confident to become an ethical vegan.

Fabulous Female Musicians by Sammy Stein

Fabulous Female  Musicians 

Sammy Stein


Interviews with  remarkable  female musicians.

UPDATED Erika cover.png

Values Have Power

Erika Clegg


How to harness your values to create a high-performance culture.

 Our Top 5 New Voices in Children's

Puddle Creatures by Ray Hopkinson

Puddle Creatures 

Ray Hopkinson


Embark on a  mesmerising  journey with

the Puddle Creatures.

Grans Guide to Good Guts by Hazel Gaydon

Gran's Guide to Good Guts

Hazel Gaydon


Eating healthily with my friend, Mikey!


A 21st Century Kid Gets New Wheels

Steve Driver

Joshua gets his sleek new wheelchair.

The Secret of the Shallows by Gloria Barnett

The Secrets of the Shallows

Gloria Barnett


A cli-fi children's novel of adventures in the wild.

Pocket and Patch Go Bike-About by Harry and Margaret Elson

Pocket and Patch

H & M Elson


Pocket and Patch are two young koalas who want an  adventure.

 Our Top 5 New Voices in True Stories

My Leukaemia Fight by Jake Andrade

My Leukaemia  Fight  

Jake Andrade


The story of Jake's six-year journey  with AML.

Pirate of the Airwaves by Roger "Twiggy" Day

Pirate of the Airwaves

Roger Day


The true story of The Boat That Rocked.

Through Autistic Eyes by Nicky Collins

Through Autistic Eyes

Nicky Collins

A collection of  stories from  autistic women.


Accept You Are Imperfect

Jade Grantham


The truth behind a battle with bulimia.

The Haunted Clock by Derek French

The Haunted  Clock




A collection

of true  paranormal short stories.

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