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Wild Atlantic Anthology: Characters Along Ireland's Majestic Coast

By Mary Heeran White.

A Secret Story of Miscarriages

"A book firmly embedded in its physical space—Ireland’s craggy West coast—Mary Heeran White’s WILD ATLANTIC ANTHOLOGY is an insider’s exploration of a place that’s complete with wit, culture, and charm."

James Hendicott for IndieReader

This anthology of short stories offers a whirlwind exploration of moral quandaries, professional dilemmas, love, and loss interwoven through the lives of a diverse range of individuals populating The Wild Atlantic Way. Tied by landscape, each narrative captures the distinctive identity of various counties, unseen by a mere glance at the map.

Spanning nine uniquely diverse counties along Ireland's majestic coastline, these stories confront the human condition through gripping real-life challenges. They delve into the extraordinary resilience and personalities of their inhabitants, shaped by their landscapes and heritage, often encountering twists of fate that induce both uproarious laughter and profound heartbreak.


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