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When The Tide Comes Up

The Year Eight boys of St Lawrence are headed off to camp!

Country boy Joey can’t wait to get back outdoors, but Andrew won’t stop stressing about his cashew allergy. Diligent Seb is carrying the weight of a heavy secret, and for Bub, it’s a chance to get away from his family, if only he can stay awake.

And Melvin - he’s just along for the ride. As long as he can bring his laptop.

When a harmless camp activity is turned upside down by the mean-spirited Christian and his gang, the boys have to face a dangerous challenge in order to protect their darkest secrets.

From the drudgery of Monday-morning English class to a dark night in a haunted cave, the five friends will have to face up to their worst fears - and face each other as they truly are.

This fast, funny adventure captures one wild week in the life of a group of friends who are just trying to survive the term.

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