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Wars and Words

Following service in the British Army, brought to a premature end by injury and subsequent medical discharge, George Clarke Musgrave became a war correspondent and journalist, seeing action with both British and American forces in a number of conflicts across the world. His articles from these conflicts were published in many national and international journals. He also wrote a number of books which were readily published and well received by audiences on both sides of the Atlantic.

In his career of twenty-five years, he travelled across six continents and twenty-one countries, experiencing action in five separate theatres of war. So, come with us to the Ashanti territories; to Garcia's Santiago; to the lands of the Transvaal; the battlefields of France; the brutal hotbed of rebellion in China; and the glorious vastness of America.

Share with us the raw brutality, the traumas and the evils of war and our undying admiration for the men and women who have lived and loved, suffered and triumphed in its fighting. Discover here a chronicle of the horrors, the joys, the tears, the pleasures, the pain and the blessings of a life that our author tried to live well.


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