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Unzipped Sixteen

By Hallie Hart.

book cover
Unzipped Sixteen

Allie Hart, a breathtaking, leggy, sixteen-year-old virgin lives with her narcissistic, bipolar mother Tory, a top player amongst the elite crowds of fashionable New York City. Tory is stunning, successful, yet complicated and abusive towards her daughter.

After Tory rides a wave of lucrative business deals, she takes a so-called “mother-daughter” trip to Paris with Allie, while her real motive is to meet up with her newest fling, Dominique, a charming French billionaire, who’s equally handsome as he is wealthy.

Dominique is instantly drawn to Allie’s innocence and beauty. Unable to control his undeniable lust, he secretly schemes to keep Tory away, leaving room to whisk Allie off to his private yacht and home in St. Tropez. Allie feels extra special while Dominique corrupts her with sex and champagne.

Opening pandora’s box, Dominique foolishly introduces Allie to his friend James John, a sexy, bad boy and top fashion designer. James wants to have her for himself, and he always gets what he wants.

What will happen to Allie and her newfound life? Will it be too much for a girl on the fast track in NYC? Who will Allie end of up falling for, Dominique, James, or another mystery man?

Stay tuned for a hidden cast of ‘famous’ players in the Allie game of life, the beginning of her journey to becoming the sexual, powerful force that is her destiny.


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