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Bradley Woods

Everyone dreams of being able to fly. What if you could have that power, and fame and riches to go with it? Would you take it? Even if it came at a terrible cost?

With only a thousand born per generation, Fliers have been revered in human society for millennia. They are provided with every comfort and offered highly-paid positions of power. That power, though, has a catch. All Fliers die before they turn 40 years old.

In 2036, teenagers Lindsey Tescher and Derek Stalden have lived in luxury ever since they were revealed to be Fliers several years ago. But just before their high school graduation, they uncover a dark secret that challenges everything they thought they knew about the world’s Fliers. To survive the consequences of their discovery, they must journey far from home and endure harrowing hardship, unravelling painful secrets of the past. And in the process, their struggle to find the truth of who Fliers really are might just change the course of history.


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