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Tuning Up: Improving Performance and Reducing Stress in Advertising and Marketing

By David Meikle.

book cover

For as long as advertising and marketing have existed they have both been a source of fun and excitement, but – and at the same time – they’ve been a source of pressure and stress for many who work in them.

Some find the pressure and stress desirable – productive even – but others find it unmanageable and even damaging.

Like all creative industries, advertising and marketing are volatile. We can move from being in a purple patch one day – performing at our peak – to next day finding ourselves under unfathomable stress and pressure.

Tuning Up is a guide to building more successful, productive, and sustainable relationships while simultaneously reducing stress.

Tuning Up is more than a book, it’s a diagnostic screen that can run across organisations and is also available as a seminar, in training courses, relationship management and onboarding workshops.

Marketing and advertising will always be under pressure to perform, but with some preparation and tuning up’s considered approach to how we work, not just what we do – we can both do better and feel better.


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