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Through the Devil's Eyes

Zachary Gura

Betrayed by the one they call “God,” I was cast out for defending what I helped create against imperfection. He condemned me to Hell for eternity to watch as those I love fall into the trench of eternal suffering, but I will soon seek my revenge—I have no other option but to tempt the souls of mankind into damnation in order to save them.

It may be hard to believe, but we once lived in harmony together. His pride and arrogance led the world to become the vile and despicable place it is today, forcing me to challenge Him for dominion over the universe. I was defeated, so I was forced out of heaven, but I continue to fight Him in an endless war for every human soul. Souls equal power, and the more I collect, the closer I become to ensuring my victory against Him.

With the fallen angels by my side, we’ve effectively instilled evil into every heart that walks the earth; there is not one soul that hasn’t been tainted by our work, and soon, we will take back the throne and restore the world to its formerly perfect state.

Through the Devil’s Eyes is an exciting work of fiction that chronicles the most significant events portrayed in the Christian Bible. Told from the Devil’s perspective, it shows there are two sides to every story. It is a tale of survival, vengeance, hope, and love narrated by a being mistakenly thought of as a monster.


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