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The Vicarious Life of Mina Price

"My car shimmies a little whenever I turn. It's not bad, not like I'm swerving out of control or anything. The last time I took it in for tires, the guy said it was out of alignment. If I'm gonna be totally honest, it's not the only thing in my life out of alignment."

After her best friend dispenses a much needed dose of tough love, Samina 'Mina' Price is forced to take an honest, hard look at the life she's settled for. Apathetic about work and discontent at home, she's starting to feel suffocated and, well, stuck! But with a major life upheaval still fresh on her mind, she's not at all confident in her ability to make sound decisions about how to get unstuck.

Then she discovers the food writer and television host so renowned that she’s simply known as the domestic goddess!

With days spent working a job she has little interest in, nights preoccupied by watching the Encore Westerns channel with her elderly aunt, and most weekends devoted to escorting said aunt to funerals for people she doesn't know, Mina's favourite escape has become Nigella Lawson. Whether she's mentoring aspiring chefs or whipping up seasonal delights on a holiday special, Mina is captivated by Nigella's exuberance and begins to wonder if channelling that vivacious energy into her own lacklustre life might be the key to turning things around.

When two new men unexpectedly enter her life and start vying for her attention, just as a long deferred dream begins to re-emerge with promise, will Mina finally resolve to discover her own voice and pursue the life she truly desires? Or will she continue to try and vicariously live out someone else's narrative? Find out in, "The Vicarious Life of Mina Price".

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