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The Untold Forest

The Untold Forest is the enchanting story of Maeve and her journey into the depths of a forbidden world.

The Forest is dangerous. Humans should not enter. A mysterious land where wild beasts, spirits, and gods dwell, not a place for a young woman. But when Maeve—a lord’s daughter, is kidnapped by a hunter of the wild, they force her into a world for which she is not prepared.

As her path leads her deeper into the woods, a life of magic, danger, and beauty unveils. Her presence in the Forest stirs conflict, although her guardian is determined to keep her safe and by his side. She soon discovers her wardens are not the ones to fear. The shadow of death lurks from the mountains, spreading like a disease. A force so destructive, it might ravage all life in the Forest. When their search for answers leads them to shattering truths, Maeve finds herself the key to preventing bloodshed.

Now she must choose to wait safely behind the lines or step up to protect those she loves.


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