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The Swan and the Golden Hare

Written by Rosie Andersen. Illustrated by Paul Jackson.

The Swan and the Golden Hare is a fable about a beautiful swan called Svanna, a pure-white cygnet who arrives in the world beset with extreme sensitivities; plus a fear that is deeply entrenched, and, if left to run its own course could likely become indelible, hampering her future life.

However, her Soul has another idea and sets about giving the infamous Lord of the Elves, Wayland the Smith, the task of carrying Svanna’s destiny. He becomes her Daemon, her ‘inner voice’, an intermediary between her Soul and her physical, worldly being.

After suffering a profound loss, and subsequently facing her fears, Svanna, through rescuing a succession of creatures in danger, is able to build resilience, and finally gain courage and freedom. Her challenging journey enables her to overcome her difficulties, but importantly, to not take away her gifts, her vulnerabilities, and her unique way of seeing the world.

The Swan and the Golden Hare weaves together a number of myths and legends, from the Swan Maiden to Wayland the Smith. and the shape shifter Will-o’-the-Wisp, also known as Jack-o’-Lantern. And, being set in East Anglia, it wouldn’t be complete without the appearance of the legendary ghostly black dog known as Black Shuck.

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