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The Stairs in the Woods

Matthew Cesca

Even adults need fairy tales.

The Stairs in the Woods takes you through a journey into a magical fantasy world while also exploring a unique coming of age story.

After spending most of her life a continent away, Kaitlynn Jenson has come home to Connecticut to tend to her ailing father. But the discovery of a strange painting above the mantle of her childhood home leads her on an adventure to a magical world called Somalie, where mythical creatures exist. But when the painting is stolen, she becomes trapped in Somalie with no means of return.

With little choice, a destiny she's yet to understand, and a family secret to discover, Kaitlynn must become embroiled in the battle to save Somalie. The evil she must face could have potentially dire consequences for her own world, as well as the family and friends she left behind.

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