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The Soulless

Ancient legends spoke of the arrival of an eternal darkness which will annihilate everything on Earth. It will bring destruction - chaos and death itself - and only those who defer to its will may survive. The heart of this darkness will be a dark demon named Radona - the mother of all evils - who will bring the weak under her sway. Radona and her demonic troop will only be released by someone without a sparkle of light in his soul and has no fear of death. It is said that there is a prophecy, which may reveal the secret of how to let loose this mother of all evils into the world.

But centuries passed and with it the last Grabodan - descended from the eagles - disappeared, taking with him the legend of Radona and The Prophecy.

Now, Sam Tanan - a Halfling (half Human, half Elf) - is just trying to survive on the streets of Yandana when her life gets turned upside down by one of the most famous Humans on The Broken Ground: Killian Fin. Now, she has a choice to make: Continue living on the streets or become the saviour she was meant to be.


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