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The Sorceress of Harem

By W.B. Njeru.

The Sorceress of Harem from the Arikana series by W.B. Njeru

There are two forces calling us out.

The Light and the Dark.

Erea, a woman in the council of Nubia, secretly disobeys a sacred law, and uses The Sacred BON MENDA to create a Talisman for the race of men.

Sheba, Erea's daughter is caught in the cross hairs of a stirring confrontation between the Nubian guards and her Family. It is then discovered that she is indeed one of the 'special ones' and her mother had misused her privilege to hide her from the Lord, Ovu.

Sheba survives death and the desert, and ends up in the hands of a trader of Nomadic decent, Dachew. Her gift continues to bring misfortune, leaving her destitute in the 7 lands of men. The fruit of it, a child, one she hopes to become her saving grace.

In a night, a witch-hunt takes her new family away, and all she knew becomes a deep seated hatred, eating her days away.

Evil finds her when in the brink of Death, and offers her the one Talisman; A chance at avenging her family and put all those who caused her pain under her heel! With her power unveiled for all men to fear; with the Talisman at hand, the 7 kingdoms will now bow at the mercy of: THE SORCERESS OF HAREM


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