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The Secrets of the Shallows (Lucy Morgan Adventure Series Book 2)

Written by Gloria Barnett.

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The Secrets of the Shallows

Help your child to understand they can make a difference to the world.

An adventure where a promise to protect ocean creatures leads to challenges in the underwater world.

When Lucy, Jack and Solomon discover how human activity is destroying the habitats of rare ocean creatures, they are determined to protect both marine creatures and the island’s special natural environment. Can they overcome the challenges ahead to make a difference to life in the oceans?

Having settled on Pontus Island in the Caribbean, 12-year-old Lucy enjoys using her new diving skills with her friends Jack and Solomon. Trusted to help in the Dive Centre, the young dive team are always happy to help scuba instructor, Dan as he teaches locals and tourists the skills of diving. Although diving in the magical clear-blue water of the Caribbean looks and sounds wonderful, our young divers know the inexperienced divers are vulnerable to dangerous underwater creatures. Can the young dive team help to keep Dan’s students safe?

Pontus Island has a beautiful natural environment but when Lucy, Jack and Solomon discover damage being done to the habitats of amazing ocean creatures they immediately take up the battle and fight on behalf of the sea creatures they love. Confrontation and conflicts develop as the team of children struggle to protect the marine animals.

Are they taking on too much or can they influence important people to do the right thing?


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