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The Power of a Storm

by Lona Walker.

Not all storms are created equal. Some use their powerful force to destroy everything in their path while others move obstacles to point in the right direction.

In 2018, on a September afternoon, an unexpected storm was brewing for Lona Walker. In this memoir, she describes with brutal detail the moment she was blindsided by a sudden gust in the time it took to answer the phone. That’s when her unsuspecting world splintered into fragments that violently spun out of control.

What was initially thought to be a familiar act of betrayal escalated beyond her imagination. Then, it quickly mutated into the appearance of an action thriller that was tragically real. The sudden impact produced writhing emotions posed as unsurvivable pain. Then came the epiphany ~ She could ride the wind!

The winds of mass destruction were the same winds that gave her the strength to soar. It took her to heights where she otherwise would never have gone.

The Power of a Storm is a riveting account of the twists and turns in Lona’s dramatic journey that will crescendo to one simple conclusion: There’s no place so dark, someone hasn’t been there before and made it out—to be ultimately transformed by the Power of a Storm.


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