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The Petticoat Pirate and the Rogue Redcoat (Immortal Pirates Book 2)

Against all odds, Josephine Teversin survived the attack at the masquerade ball and embraced her identity as an immortal pirate, but her business with Garreck Skulthorpe and his pirate hunters is far from finished.

Josephine forms a temporary alliance with ex-pirate hunter Nathaniel on a daring quest to rescue her best friend and take revenge on Skulthorpe for his crimes. Unscrupulous pirates, hurricanes, and a mutinous crew are the least of her worries. A rogue witch stalks their every move as they race north to Boston.

As the American colonies continue to splinter apart under British rule, Josephine must face the harsh truth of her father’s past while wrestling with her own reckless choices.


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