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The Petticoat Pirate (Book 1)

C. R. Pugh

Josephine Teversin was fifteen years old when her father was murdered by pirate hunters. She’s the last of her kind—an immortal pirate without a ship or crew, and her magic is unstable at best. It’s 1773, and tensions are rising between England and the American colonies. Rumors of war are running rampant. But immortal pirates never choose sides…until the hunters find her again. Josephine is kidnapped and brought face to face with her father’s murderer—Garreck Skulthorpe.

Her choices are simple: become his spy or face the hangman’s noose. A female who sword fights and picks pockets will be a useful undercover agent after all. Armed with a fan, an exploding pocket watch, and erratic powers, Josephine is drawn into a deadly battle between pirate hunters, a rogue witch, and the Patriot rebels. She must risk her very life in order to thwart Skulthorpe and his nefarious plans for the colonies—all while wearing a stuffy ball gown. And everyone knows…pirates do not wear petticoats.


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