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The Oath & Blood Price: Part One

Peter-Shaun Tyrell

Secrets have always kept Thalkin alive but when an acquaintance introduces him to the mysterious sellsword, Edelia, he uncovers a secret that could win a war. He only has to choose the side he gives it to.

The land of Duria is divided into two, the Borasian States of the Lord Procterates and Novu-Optu of the Godmen. Nestled in a border state is the town of Scor, where Thalkin is on the cusp of becoming a man yet does not know his path in life. Trust and friendship are distant concepts to Thalkin, but betrayal and resentment have always been close companions of this orphan.

In the backdrop of an advancing city that has little time for a street urchin, Thalkin will have to use all of his guile and street smart to not only avoid watchful eyes but to achieve his destiny.


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