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The Night Porter

By Dave Blackwell.

The Night Porter book by Dave Blackwell

"Welcome to The Range Country House Hotel"

Barely on the minimum wage, Andy is severely deaf and works the night shift, employed purely for the sake of having a ‘disabled’ staff member. Looking after customers at the events hosted by the hotel where nights are rarely quiet and there is always something lurking around the corner to keep him from sleeping. Staff and customers are quick to remind him that he is deaf for the sake of being awkward or just plain ignorant.

Telephone pranks, a kitchen porter that resembles a villain from a horror movie, three drunk ladies in their underwear, Valentine's night shenanigans where a couple have sex everywhere but their room, a cleaner with an asbestos stomach, discriminative managers, a wedding punch up and a retired boxer, a frog that refuses to die, the wannabe gangster that met karma, the swan suicide and a terrifying duck encounter, and so much more.


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