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The Mahogany Box: short stories

Helen Lismore Cooke

An antique shop with a deadly secret.

Outcasts running for their lives.

Bruised women learning to love.

Dive headfirst into an intriguing collection of short stories written by Helen Lismore Cooke, where reality takes one surprising turn after another.

From a sleepy, nineteenth-century village where appearances are everything to an eerie antique shop run by a charming man and his doting mother, Cooke explores the lengths people go to protect themselves and their loved ones; but at what cost?

As a strange man haunts a new mother and a job interview leads to a woman’s self-discovery, no emotion is left unturned throughout this thoughtful debut.

So, step inside Octavia’s Antiques, board a boat from India to England, and treasure the mahogany box above all else. You never know just when your life will change…


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