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The Journeys Begin: Ora

Written by E. E. Byrnes.

book cover
The Journeys Begin: Ora

An inspirational tale of courage with an unexpected fantasy twist! Bringing history to young adults in a new way!

In 1864, the city of Atlanta surrenders to the Union Army, and Ora Harding and her family prepare to leave everything behind, including their slaves. Instead of planning for her debutante ball, Ora finds herself on a journey filled with heartbreak, trepidation, and danger.

Soon alone, Ora hears a guiding voice that leads her north, but she is a Confederate with a strong southern accent venturing deep into Yankee territory. Can she trust this voice?

During a storm, she encounters a hooded man on a wagon. He offers her a ride that will change her life.

This is the first novella of the exciting prequel series to Jenelyn’s Journey. It’s the story of Jenelyn’s three-times great-grandmother, Ora, and how her perilous Journey during the Civil War shaped the future of an entire family.


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