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The Isthmus Company Part II

Samantha Boulton

For years, he had been employed as a puppet of Isthmus. Why this girl should think differently of him was simply baffling. She had seen everything that he had done in the past few months. True, he was here of his own accord, not Ishmus's, but she could not possibly know that. Pondering the thought, he nearly tripped over another crack in the sidewalk. If Isthmus knew exactly what he was doing right now... he did not want to finish the thought. "That and my dad still owes Isthmus a few million dollars. It's not like he's going to forget that debt. Not to mention, he wouldn't send just you to recollect the Collateral," she said darkly. As much as she hated it, she knew it was never going to end until her father could pay. As far as she knew, that was not going to be any time soon.


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