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The Hidden Cave (Lucy Morgan Adventure Series Book 3)

Written by Gloria Barnett.

book cover
The Hidden Cave

Help your child to understand they can make a difference to the world

By exploring both the underwater reefs and discovering the amazing natural beauty of Pontus Island, Lucy, Solomon and Jack get entangled in yet another challenging adventure.

As their battle to protect creatures in the ocean continues, they also begin a search for secrets from the past.

Lucy, Jack and Solomon are never happier than when they are helping the local dive instructor, Dan with his scuba diving students but are they wise to go exploring by themselves? This new adventure takes them into strange environments and challenges their courage.

When mysteries from the past are exposed, the bravery of the young team is tested and their investigations lead them to face dangers from the present.

Their adventures on land, however, do not stop them looking after ocean creatures. When they discover more damage being done to the oceans, Lucy, Jack and Solomon are at the forefront of making decisions which can help, but can Lucy convince the people who make the decisions? If she speaks up to protect the marine animals, will anyone listen?

Readers will love this third book in the series of Lucy Morgan Adventures, written by real-life ocean explorer and educator, Gloria Barnett. Many young people in the UK know her affectionately as the Weirdfish Lady due to her fascinating school workshops, talks and published teaching resources.

Reading this book allows your child to watch television documents with a deeper understanding of the natural world and with its cliff-hanging chapters, this book is perfect for fans of exciting adventures, such as Explorer by Katherine Rundell.


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