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The Haunted Clock and other supernatural tales

By Derek French.

book cover

Embark on a hair-raising odyssey into the enigmatic world of the paranormal with Derek French's gripping collection of true stories. In this meticulously crafted anthology, French unravels thirteen chilling accounts that push the boundaries of the supernatural, captivating readers with inexplicable occurrences that linger in the realm between the known and the unknowable.

Journey alongside French as he unveils the perplexing tale of a quartz clock that defies the laws of logic, its eerie behaviour serving as a stark testament to the uncharted mysteries that permeate our everyday lives. With each riveting narrative, readers are invited to question the very nature of reality and grapple with the age-old inquiry: Can the paranormal manifest in tangible ways?

Delving into the heart of the mysterious, French weaves together tales of unexplainable phenomena that transcend the ordinary, challenging preconceived notions and leaving an indelible mark on the psyche. As the boundaries between the corporeal and the ethereal blur, prepare to be spellbound by these authentic accounts that explore the intricate dance between the known and the unknown.

In Derek French's spellbinding odyssey, reality itself is called into question, and readers are beckoned to confront the ineffable truths that linger just beyond the veil of the paranormal. Are you ready to peer into the abyss and confront the inexplicable? The answers await within the pages of this enthralling collection, where the line between the tangible and the spectral dissolves, and the paranormal becomes an undeniable force in our collective consciousness.

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