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The Great British Road Trip

Let me share my journeys with you. I have been doing these road trips through Great Britain and Ireland for a few years now, most trips stem from an idea and almost all balloon in to a full blown holiday.

Thanks to a self-isolation notification from our nice chaps at the NHS, I am finding myself with nothing to do, cannot go out, cannot shop, cannot work and instead of lounging out on the sofa watching repeats and eating endless crisps and chocolate, I should put something together about the road trips I have had in the UK and Ireland. I will introduce myself to all of you, my name is Ricky, a 33-year-old with grey hair to rival any 50-year-old, an electrical design engineer who lives on his own in a housing estate in Daventry.

So sit tight, grab a drink and settle in to no less than 15 journeys through the length and breadth of this rock in the Atlantic. There are five routes that are explained in detail and a few guides to some of the places I visited. I also share my advice and wisdom that I have built up over the years, some from learning lessons.

If you enjoy this book, hopefully it will inspire me to keep going and write some more stories and keep the adventure going.


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