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The Frustrations of Being Deaf

By Dave Blackwell.

The Frustrations of Being Deaf memoir by Dave Blackwell

Frustrating, funny, confusing, and idiotic. People shout, scream, and wave their arms and hands around in a bad attempt to try and do sign language. Rude people that are ignorant or plain embarrassed.

These events happen nearly every day in some way or another. Dave went deaf at the age of seven, losing all hearing in one ear overnight and the other over a space of several months.

Without his hearing aids, he is completely deaf. When he was thirty-four, he lost all hearing in his left ear and his right was no better, this prompted him to get an implant. He relies on lipreading and sound to follow a conversation, but in some cases, he can follow people without lipreading.

This is a collection of short stories, funny, frustrating, and plain crazy. Situations and events that were so shocking or hilarious, had to be shared.

Ignorance, deaf awareness and the sheer panic or confusion from people that often do not have common sense or the experience of meeting a deaf person.

Reminded every day that he is deaf, it goes over his head and becomes a joke, and in these cases, becomes part of ‘The Frustrations of being Deaf’.

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