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The Flowers of Lemuria

Seventeen-year-old Lilly Claire Masterson has just lived through her worst nightmare: the death of her mother.

Lilly’s life only gets harder when she is forced to leave Chicago and move to the swamps of Louisiana to live with her grandmother—a woman she never knew existed until recently.

Soon after, malicious voices taunt Lilly in her head, causing her to question her mental health.

Then an encounter with a stranger entices Lilly with promises of restoring her mother’s life, but first she must commit an unthinkable act.

A mysterious boy saves Lilly from a grave mistake which sends her crashing into a realm between Earth and the afterlife called Lemuria, where reapers trade humans’ souls to angels and demons for magical stones. There, Lilly finds love, friendship, and family.

But to rescue her mother’s soul, Lilly must face her true identity and fight for Earth and Lemuria. Will she and her new friends find the courage to save us all?

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