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The Curse of the Cheval Mallet: 2 (Jenelyn's Journey)

Written by E. E. Byrnes.

book cover
The Curse of the Cheval Mallet: 2 (Jenelyn's Journey)

Join Jenelyn as she continues her Journey in this emotional and exciting sequel! Amidst France's breathtaking beauty, this captivating novel explores the poignant struggles of loss, fear, and faith.

Jenelyn’s Journey and the Spirits have led her to idyllic France and the welcoming home of Nathalie and Alexandre. But the sound of galloping haunts Jenelyn at night, though no one can explain it.

She soon hears about the legend of the ominous Cheval Mallet, and when the Spirits lead her to a terrifying discovery, her faith in them is shaken. Jenelyn knows she must listen to the Spirits, sacrificing love and free will, but she begins to wonder if they’re as trustworthy as she thought.

As the truth about her future unfolds and new terrors await, Jenelyn questions if the Spirits will truly protect her or lead her into danger.


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