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The Cuban Crisis

Following his recuperation from a chest wound received at the fall of Santiago, our author tells us about the patriotic struggles of the Cubans, and about the iniquities practised upon them by the impulsive Spanish occupation of Cuba. Sent with a dual commission from an English newspaper and an American journal, he landed in Cuba "a warm sympathiser with Spain." For two years, though, he lived and served with the revolutionaries, learned of their cause and experienced their suffering. Appointed as a Captain on General Garcia's staff, he repeatedly crossed the lines carrying despatches from the insurgent Cuban Government to the Americans.

Danger and hardship became his companions and he was twice imprisoned, three times wounded, barely rescued from a spy's death and finally arrested and deported to Spain under threat of execution. He was later invited by General Shafter as one of only a handful of correspondents to witness the surrender of the Spanish forces.

Book 2 of the Wars and Words series


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