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The Camera Obscure

Supernatural secrets; psychopathy; disturbing dystopias; vanity and Victorian graveyards. Each story, evoking Victorian gothic classics will take you on a journey where the familiar becomes strange. There are many ways to be haunted and the most frightening spectres walk within us and among us.

About the Author

Virginia is a writer, tutor and actor. She graduated from Essex University, (UK) with a degree in

Literature, and later gained a postgraduate degree in teaching English. She is also LAMDA trained. She taught English and Drama to A level for 15 years, then in 2013 she set up a tuition business, Results Tutoring, in Ipswich.

She is a passionate advocate for neuro-diversity, particularly as she is autistic, which she discovered late in life at the age of 45. She has contributed several articles to the National Autistic Society Magazine, Spectrum, and Your Autism. She made her publishing debut in The Weird and Whatnot, (July 2019) with her short story, The Rented Room.


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