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Smiles Under the Moon

Daniel Deisinger

"She's said to me she will always remember my smile. Under frightened, hopeful, tearful eyes, her own smile glittered."

Four stories with everything humanity can experience, be it surprising love or the ruin of hope. From one corner of a fantasy world to another humanity changes on and on, but each tale reveals their resilience, courage, and determination.

A young hunter turns mounting weaknesses into never-ending strength as his way of life collapses around him. A ranger is ready to do good but stumbles into a city of madness threatening to drag him down with it. A queen's closest ally works without rest to stop the desperate queen from devastating her nation - and herself. At the centre of creation's ultimate spiral, a woman wishes her greatest fear away, and soon her life is in tatters. But the spiral narrows toward its fearless end.

Their world is rolling free from its cage, and the moon spins around them uncaring.

Yet they find a way to smile.


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