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Secret Faces of Darkness: LOST

Poli B.

In the globalised world of the 21st century, vampires are on a mission to ensure their place among (or above) the humans for good.

Will our heroine recognise them in time? Or will she succumb to temptation? Find out in the first book of the new fantasy series Secret Faces of Darkness!

Darkness can be strangely alluring, especially when it brings power over other people...

As a fresh graduate, Lana stumbles unwittingly and rather proudly into her first job. It’s everything anyone could ever ask for: challenging, glamorous, with a lot of foreign travel…

…But there are a few things about Lana’s wonderful new job that she hasn’t prepared for, including the possibility that it might endanger her body and soul.

Caught between a concerned human friend who could be something more and an attractive ancient vampire, how will she cope?


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