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Sea Change

By Nick Bamford.

Sea Change by Nick Bamford, a new gay romance novel

"A good page-turner, introducing us to real, rounded characters who we can't help but root for." Anthony McDonald

A stormy voyage into the Third Age. Taking advantage of early retirement to sail his yacht to warmer climes, Peter is beguiled by a mysterious young man he cannot resist inviting aboard as crew. Challenged by so much more than the sea, for both of them it awakens neglected needs and suppressed desires and proves a life-changing trip.

Enjoy this "terrific" page-turning tale of the high seas by acclaimed author, Nick Bamford, available in paperback and eBook!

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"Great, believable characters. A writer who knows what he's doing"

Anthony McDonald


"An excellent tale of adventure, intrigue and romance which you can enjoy whether you are gay or straight!"

Mrs. S.


"Recently-retired gay bank manager Peter sails his yacht into Cherbourg as the first port of call on his England-to-the-Med delivery cruise, and the very first French guy upon whom his cruising eye alights becomes his crewman and then lover. But young Thierry, who says he is just 20, is being pursued by some unlikely gangster types, and although Peter sails solo, he is not single.

Sea Change thus takes us on a sailing cat and mouse chase through the Channel Islands and along both the Channel and Atlantic coasts of Brittany, following the finest traditions of Erskine Childers or Arthur Ransome. The seafaring derring-do is realistically and engagingly portrayed, as one would expect given that the author has in fact sailed his 36-footer from the UK to the Med. But there is more to Sea Change than a yachtie yarn; the perils of age-disparate sex and romance, and the emotional flows of a 25-year open relationship, are excellently charted here -- and in a highly readable way. I thoroughly recommend it, and have reviewed it very positively for the LGBT+ sailing club."

K.E. Thomas


" Characterisation is entirely consistent so that the book's 'people' become real. I recommend it wholeheartedly."

Edward Thomas


"This is a tale of navigation, boat skills, lust, intrigue, relationships and friendship.

It may inspire you to go sailing beyond UK waters and seek out adventures or it may wrap you in warmth as you read it in the quiet cabin of your own boat when safely moored."

R. Whittle


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