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Rescue: 100 Miles

When a lab was raided and the animals freed, no one expected spiders to matter. But they did, because the spiders were part of a warfare experiment. Once freed, they spread and bred and their bite transformed the living into the living dead, in a matter of months the world was crumbling as society fell apart. Now the spiders are destroyed, the plague still spreads with the bite of the infected, and the dead outnumber the living. For the fortunate few at Peacehaven settlement, life was good for a few short months, until a raiding party attacked one misty morning.

Now a lone fighter must travel one hundred miles through zombie infested territory on a mission like no other. Porter never expected to be a fighter – but is now a fighter made by circumstance, on a mission save the two people who make this hell on earth bearable – family, Porter's reason for living. Wearing a dog tag inscribed with the title Commander and heavily armed, Porter is driven by something far more powerful than the hatred felt for those who destroyed the settlement and stole away those who mattered most – despite the odds and the undead and the often hostile living folk met along the way, Porter is driven by love, determined this mission will not fail.

One hundred miles is a long way to go while the dead walk the earth. But danger and distance is nothing at all when the lives of those who matter most are at stake...


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