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Reinventing Hannah

Jack Ori

She wanted to be someone different. But an unthinkable crime will change all her goals…

Shy sixteen-year-old Hannah Kollman longs to be like her confident besties. So after being reassured nothing bad will happen, she agrees to a college party with her fun girlfriend to watch her back. But despite never touching a drop, Hannah wakes with no memory of the night before… and discovers she’s been sexually assaulted.

A wreck of her former self and ashamed to share her truth, she struggles with vicious bullies and the loss of her friends. But after she finds refuge in the Students Against Destructive Decisions organization, she finds an inner strength that could turn things around forever.

Can Hannah reclaim her life and come out the other side?

Reinventing Hannah is an empowering YA contemporary novel. If you like serious teenage themes, complex characters, and triumphant roads to recovery, then you’ll love Jack A. Ori’s compassionate story.


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