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Redemption & Ruin

Matthew Cesca

The follow up to "The Forbidden Scrolls" is now available! Pick up the next chapter in this epic fantasy trilogy!

Disaster has struck! Frost Dirvent has used the legendary scroll of fire to murder thousands of innocents. Now the vile sorcerer has continued his quest to collect all of the forbidden scrolls scattered throughout Teren'vei.

It's a race against time for Juliya and her friends. They'll need to cross the entire continent and bring two desperate groups of paladins together to have any chance of stopping Frost before he can use the scrolls again.

United with the champions of the gods, Juliya must stand against a threat unlike any seen in thousands of years: an army of the dead and a necromancer who can bend the elements themselves. Can they stop Frost from recovering all of the scrolls and rebuilding his family's once glorious empire? And even if they succeed, what will be the cost?


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