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Puddle Creatures

By Ray Hopkinson. Illustrated by Suzanne Minshaw.

A Secret Story of Miscarriages

A Puddle Creature is born with every child – sharing their DNA, and the lifeblood and memories of their parents and ancestors. As the child grows, most lose their ability to communicate with their Puddle Creature, except for a few gifted children – strong-willed, but honest and decent at heart, and full of the joys of life.

This introduction to Puddle Creatures sees a boy, Christy, find his Puddle Creature after being unfairly accused of wrongdoing. The Creature becomes his Dream-guide; takes him on endless dreamtime adventures; helps him bring his friends into his dreams, and also finds a way to clear his name – all set against a backdrop of novel characters, with a poetic and musical backdrop.

The book will ignite memories of dreamy schooldays for adults, and night-time adventures for children, because, at heart, we all need a Puddle Creature. This fantasy, to be enjoyed by adults and children alike, is a fantastical, moral tale of a 9 year old schoolboy and his friends who find the ability to share adventures within dreams, thanks to discovering their Puddle Creatures.


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