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Prickle the Puffer Fish (A Fishy Tales Storybook)

Written by Gloria Barnett.

book cover
Prickle the Puffer Fish

Prickle the Puffer Fish is the second in a series of books for young people aged 3- 6. These stories are an original concept which combine scientific facts with fun underwater storylines. The stories are entertaining, informative and a good introduction to the myriad and diverse life in the oceans. These are tales which deal with a wide variety of moral values, feelings and other aspects of personal and social well-being. Great for parents to share with youngsters with lots of starting points for discussion.

A coral reef can be a very dangerous place to live.

How can Prickle keep herself safe?

How can she stop feeling so scared? Can she be brave?

Prickle, the tiny puffer fish, needs to find the answers to these very important questions.


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