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Present Time

Dennis Santaniello

Stressed? Overwhelmed? Looking to go on a well needed mental-vacation? Look no further.

“Present Time” is an interactive/inspirational self help book about meditation and finding the present moment in present time. Amusing and amazingly profound, "Present Time" will enrich you with peace, wonder, and much needed mental relief, for it constantly reminds you of the greatest gift that you constantly forget about.

Written in short but profound chapters, this book discusses the topics of: What is Present Time and Why We Constantly Lose It, How To Find Present Time, and How To Stay Present.

But more than that, this book will take you on a journey to discover the vast world of thought, consciousness, and simple awareness that you constantly take for granted. Through many meditations, author Dennis Santaniello allows the reader to go on journeys of self discovery, to explore the depths of their own minds, and to witness the now and ever present moment in Present Time.

A wildly charming ride of introspection awaits!


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