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On Motivation: Purpose & Hybrid Working

By Jenny Segal.

What did lockdown teach us about our wants and needs?

What are the implications for how we choose to lead our working lives?

How should we redesign work to maximise our happiness and effectiveness?

This timely book explores the effect of lockdown on our psyche and our working lives, taking us on a journey through science and psychology, photography, fiction and film. Interspersed with the colourful tales of over fifty interviewees, it gets to the heart of purposeful work, whilst introducing practical and innovative concepts – the office as an organism and the Work Wheel – enabling us to structure hybrid working to deliver the best of all worlds.

“Jenny Segal’s sequel on motivation is packed with socially-researched insight, compassion and actionable ideas on how to make working life work wonderfully. For all the humans involved. It’s a must read for the managers and leaders out there who really give a s&*t about making the world of work better, together”

Calum Cooper – Chair of Partnership Council, Hymans Robertson

“This is the book of our time. If we desire a shared purpose, we must create an environment where the individual sees the benefits of the workplace and work is structured to engender engagement, meaning, and even joy”

Imran Qureshi – Head of North America, WTW


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