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On Motivation: Board Effectiveness & Culture

By Jenny Segal.

What do boards do well?

How can they improve?

What can directors teach us about board effectiveness and culture?

Dramatised and parodied in popular culture, the board room is a mystical cauldron in which the fortunes of companies and the futures of their employees are decreed. Its secret goings-on determine whether we have jobs and drive the success of our economy.

Board directors carry a weighty responsibility for delivering strategy, control and advice. Summarising and synthesising the experiences of some 50 experienced directors, this book distils their wisdom and shows what we can strive for to achieve the best of culture and effectiveness in company board rooms. Invaluable insights for new, aspiring and experienced directors alike.

“A distillation of very powerful and topical insights into governance and board effectiveness. A worthwhile read for any non-executive or executive for helpful tips and suggestions”

Paul McNamara – Non-Executive Director

“A comprehensive and fascinating up-to-the minute guide to what is, and is not, working in boardrooms for seasoned and new NEDs alike”

David Semmens – CIO, Cadro and Non-Executive Director


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