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No Longer Alone

In 1392, Lee Gyeongtae was a Joseon prince who was turned into a vampire without his consent. Unable to control his indiscriminate killings, his father, the King, disowns him and banishes him. Filled with self-hatred and a desire to lessen his impact on the human race, Gyeongtae becomes a purposeful recluse on Blood Mountain, where he controls the weather and any potential visitors. He simply wanted to be alone.

The year was 1900, and Ji-Guk is a twenty-year-old werewolf hailing from the werewolf inhabited side of Blood Mountain. After an altercation with a hunter, he disobeys the pack Alpha and is cast out of his pack. Shot by the hunter, and now homeless, he throws himself at the mercy of the mountain’s resident vampire, not knowing if he will allow him to live or die.

In 2017, Sunny Day is a single career student of the supernatural under the tutelage of her Supernatural Department professor, Samuel North. She graduated with a degree in the topic, and had gone on to become Professor North’s personal assistant. After much persuasion, Professor North helps fund her trip to South Korea to investigate the legends surrounding Blood Mountain. Sunny finds her definitive proof she had been looking for in the handsome vampire with a prickly personality, and his unlikely, yet friendly, werewolf companion. But will they allow her to take her proof and go home, or will Sunny be doomed to become just another part of the legends surrounding the mysterious Blood Mountain?


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