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Ninety Days Without You

By Jennifer Woodward.

Kat, a heartbroken American playwright, meets Charlie and is instantly smitten with his delightful British accent, his insight and humor, and his frank honesty at being 15-years sober. Finally, here’s a man with the outgoing, fun-loving soul of an alcoholic—but he doesn’t drink.

A whirlwind transatlantic romance ensues. But what looks like love turns into the shock of Kat’s life. Can she face the reality of his other illness? Can she come to terms with her own addiction to him?

Woodward’s dark, funny and heartbreaking tale blends romance and comedy with brutal self-discovery and compelling readability. 'Ninety Days Without You' is about relationships, addiction, mental health, family, friends, love, sex—and the essential journey towards knowing and loving yourself.


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