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Ms Hardenfast's No Bullsh*t Guide for the Post-Grad Student Teacher

Are you about to embark on Post-graduate teacher training?

Are you worried that everyone keeps warning you about the year ahead?

Got a folder filled with dates and notes that you've highlighted in sparkly highlighter?

Friends with a crusty old pirate who needs something to read between voyages?

Concerned that you don't have what it takes to keep up or 'hit the ground running'?

This book was written for you (perhaps not the pirate but I can't be everything to everyone), to take you from start to finish in a trainee teacher's year. Not only is this choc-full, of handy tips and nuggets of useful information it's also packed with little slices of stuff that training providers won't tell you and teachers won't admit to.

This book is not about being an outstanding teacher. This book is not about climbing the leadership ladder. This book is not about where Short Bill hid his treasure.

This book is about equipping student teachers with the knowledge they need to pass the year. With some handy advice to let the system play itself because everyone is going to tell you what a tough year this is going to be. So why not make it easier? This book is here to help you cut through the bulllsh*t.

And as the very wisest among us say: Don't let the B*st*rds get you down.


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