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Mindful Feet

By Isabelle Brough.

A Secret Story of Miscarriages

Care for your feet and watch your health improve!

Our feet support us with every step we take. When we care for them, we make our connection to the ground stronger, improve our balance, ease the pain in our joints and put a spring back in our step.

This guide will help you discover for yourself how your body navigates everyday life and how you can embrace healthy movement habits. Images are used throughout the book to explain simple, easily applicable steps to get you moving better and feeling better too.

"This book recounts your own experience through your investigations in a way that educates, encourages and motivates the reader."

Jean-Pierre Bruyère, Doctor of Chiropractic (USA)

"As a former physio, I know there is so much more to supporting a person to make meaningful lifestyle changes, than just offering information. And I'm very impressed - your book combines information, explanation, common sense and motivation. And lots and lots of pictures - my favourite way of learning."

Jan Cafearo, Holistic Physical Therapist, Founder of Feelgood Forest Bathing

"The book provides needed balance against so much misinformation about going barefoot and its benefits."

Peter R., Member of the Society for Barefoot Living


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